The 21st World Masters Mountain Running Championship will take place in Clonmel, Ireland from the 2nd to the 4th of September 2022, venturing into the Comeragh Mountains in County Waterford.

On behalf of the Irish Mountain Running Association, we are delighted and honoured to welcome you to Ireland for the 21st World Masters Mountain Running Championships.

This is the first time the World Masters Mountain Running Championship has come to Ireland. It is a privilege to host such a prestigious event for the first time in Ireland and we have endeavoured to provide a challenging and varied race route.

The race route will start in Clonmel Town and climbs into the Comeragh Mountains in adjoining County Waterford, along a mixture of trails, forest paths and open mountain tracks, finishing at the Cross overlooking Clonmel town and the River Suir valley (see route map and elevation profile below).

The race is open to all runners between 35 and 79 years of age and is organised by the World Mountain Running Association, the sport’s global governing body. The following guidelines apply:-

a. You would need to be a regular trail runner and comfortable running on off-road and open mountain terrain.

b. Be capable of covering the distance in a timely fashion.

c. Be injury free

Please note that each participant in the World Masters Championship Race MUST be affiliated with their national governing body. This is a new WMRA regulation, 2022. Each national federation will check for affiliated member status of participants and may request that non-affiliated runners join the national federation.

Please note at race registration, we will require formal photo identification (e.g. passport, national ID card etc) as proof of identity, date of birth and nationality.

A detailed event schedule is available at this link


Championship Race (Saturday) – ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED

Early bird entry fee (up to 30th June 2022) – €45

Standard entry fee (after 30th June 2022) rises to €55

Open Race (Sunday) – ENTRIES OPEN TO 23:59, 1st SEPTEMBER

Standard entry fee – €30


Outline Timetable/Overview of the World Masters Mountain Running Championship Event


At registration you will receive a race package which will consist of your number, a T-shirt, participatory medal and other ‘goodies’ .

On the Friday evening there will be a parade of athletes and this will be followed by a ‘Pasta Party’. There will also be the opening ceremony with a display of Irish culture, dance and music some speeches and official opening of the event.


All Championship races will take place on Saturday 3rd September with ceremonies, banquet and prizegiving at Hillview Sports Club.

  • You have to be aged from 35 to 79 inclusive on the day to qualify.
  • Races will be starting at 10am running through to approximately 2pm
  • At around 6pm the official banquet celebration will begin, followed by winners presentation.
  • Please note that all competitors must wear their country colours, especially for the prize giving.


The open race on the following morning Sunday 4th September is not part of the championships.

  • The open race allows anyone who is not eligible to compete in the championships the opportunity to race on the World Masters Course.
  • This includes adults under the age of 35 and over the age of 79.
  • Often competitors from the previous day like to give the course another try too under less stressful conditions. It is just one race all competing at the same time.
  • There will be prizes for first, second and third male and female.

We intend to have the event recorded for one of main terrestrial channels, as well as a live stream through the WMRA site.

World Masters Mountain Running Championship Race Age Categories

Following the WMA/WMRA World Masters Mountain Running Championship Regulations, the following age categories apply:-

Age Male Age Group Female Age Group Course Length
35-39 M35 W35 Long course
40-44 M40 W40 Long course
45-49 M45 W45 Long course
50-54 M50 W50 Long course
55-59 M55 W55 Short course
60-64 M60 W60 Short course
65-69 M65 W65 Short course
70-74 M70 W70 Short course
75-79 M75 W75 Short course

There is no category for age 80+. Masters 80+ years old are not allowed to compete.

Event Winners

For each age category and group, there will be medals for individuals in first, second and third position.

There will also be team scoring medals for the first three teams in all categories, which are decided by the aggregate of places recorded by the first three runners, with one team per country.

Nationality eligibility criteria will follow World Masters Association/World Athletics rules. Passport details (or other official proof of identity e.g driving licence and birth certificate) will be required at race registration.

Wearing Nationality Colours

As part of the World Masters Mountain Running Championship, international runners are required to wear their country colours and in particular at the prize giving ceremony.

Note to Irish Entrants

As there are no qualifying regulations, the A.A.I. will not be in a position to provide Irish gear to all the competitors for this event.

You can purchase Irish gear at

Course Details

The race starts at Raheen School beside Hillview Sports Club in Clonmel Town. After 30m it turns onto Raheen road heading west. After 500m it turns left up Roaring Spring road. This is the start of a c. 1.5k steep climb. At the c. 2k point you turn off for the open mountain. This open mountain trail is flat and goes for 1k and brings you across the hill to Cannon Wood.

At the gate you turn right running downhill on single trail and into the wood. You then follow a downhill trail which will vary between a single trail and fire road for over 2k. At this point you turn left onto single trail again and begin a 1k climb.

This brings you to the mast, from here you descend for 100m onto fire road. Travelling on this for 200m you turn right and follow this fire road around the hill for 1k where you exit through a gate onto open mountain. This is a mix of trail and meadow and after c.1k brings you to the top of Kilmacommon Hill. The shorter course breaks off here and turns left for 200m down into the finish area at the Grotto.

The longer course continues downhill on meadow for 0.5km, then past the old ruin from here you start your final climb for 0.5km to a turning point where you turn left on your last kilometre to the finish.

Long course:

  • Distance 10.5km
  • Ascent 635m
  • Descent 345m

Short Course:

  • Distance 8.4km
  • Ascent 509m
  • Descent 217m

Some photos of the route below