Dear Participant,

The Masters World Championships 2022 will be a special one.

It was scheduled for 2021 and later, due to the worldwide covid restrictions, together with the 2020 event, postponed for one year.

The event in Telfes in September 2021 was a victory of the sport in the strange time, and I’m sure the competitions in Ireland will be another showcase of sport for all life, for all ages.

Ten years ago, in June 2012, Ireland hosted the first ever WMRA international event; it was the competition for young athletes.

This year Ireland is hosting two WMRA events – the inaugural event of the 2022 World Cup and the Masters World Championships. It is an example, how also a country without real high mountains can organize serious international Mountain running races. The secret of the success are passionate, committed people, volunteers, who are doing their work on a professional level.

I’m convinced that the masters of all ages from all-over the world will enjoy the races in Clonmel and leave this historical town with unforgettable memories to the 21st World Mountain Running Championships.

I wish you all good luck, successful racing and lots of fun running up and down the hills around Clonmel.

Tomo Šarf

WMRA president